Still Stitching away…

I’m sorry I haven’t posted… I just realized that I haven’t gotten to a computer other than the one at work in two weeks! Bad Romilly!

I’ve got a couple of plans in the works, though. I’ve been plugging away at the embroidered fabric for my new bedlah (see last post) and the first piece is pretty much all beaded now. I’ll probably have to add beads here and there as I sew it together, but it’s a good start. The second piece is about a third embroidered. Beads to come. In this case AFTER I’ve got a pattern for the belt. It suddenly occured to me that I needn’t bead everything, even the parts that aren’t going to show… I want the embroidery to fold around, so it gets done first… but the beading?! Pshaw. That’s silly. And very me-like!

I did, however, finish sewing a turquoise jersey knit dress that I’m planning on wearing to the hafla over harem pants on Thursday and then for every day. Very simple, casual princess line. If photos come out after the show I’ll try to post them. Maybe even a video.

Not much needle art happening my way over the past week. But that will change. And I do have a backlog of posts to make. It’s just a matter of getting things pulled together. And wrestling the computer away from the ten year old nephew…

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  1. Sharon has directed us to you today and I am so pleased to be here. You have a most interesting blog and I hope you can show your turquoise frock. I’ll be back to have another pleasant viewing. Thank you for sharing.

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