Boggonses… What have they gots in their blogses, my precious?

I tend to think that everyone at least knows OF Sharon Boggon. But it’s come to my attention that some of my acquaintances haven’t. So its time to fix that.  Sharon Boggon  is a crazy quilter. No, she is so much more than a crazy quilter. She’s a costumer, has lectured at the National University of Australia, collector of wisdom of the ages, dispenser of wisdom about needlework, and she writes one of the most-read needlework blogs on the web… you get the idea.

She maintains the best online stitch dictionary I’ve ever found, and I can only hope to be as creative with the little crazy quilting I do as she is. She also teaches online courses through Joggles.  If you’re interested in crazy quilting, check them out. My time is taken up by too much these days, but I’m still managing to consider taking her Sumptuous Surfaces class this summer!

Last year she ran a series of 100 details from her quilts in 100 days. The embroidery is amazing. This year she’s running “Take a Stitch Tuesdays,” with variations suggesting how to use one stitch a week in interesting ways and then challenging us to actually DO them. Of course, I haven’t gotten off my dime to actually DO any of them (with the exception of the bit of herringbone that has turned into my ongoing bedlah project (see post) , but that doesn’t mean they aren’t really cool! And the variations people come up with are really inspirational.

Her partner, Jerry Everard, is a musician, a woodworker (who’s made multiple storage cabinets for her, and even a skein winder!) is just about as amazing, maybe even more, because I have no clue how he wheedles the things out of wood that he does. He’s got a great handle on imparting philosophy as well.

Check both of them out for a good read.

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