Old Needlework Patterns

Old needlework patterns: the collecting of, the attempted stitching of, and the storage of, are going to be the death of me. I know this because my pseudo-sister points this out every so often (people with like stashes have to keep each other in line, you know. My husband is very gracious about my stash, so long as I’m equally gracious about his. It’s a good system!)

But the needlework patterns. Oh dear. I have issues of Cross Stitch and Country Crafts back to 1988. I am slowly collecting the entire line of facsimile Weldon’s books. I’ve got the Weldon’s Encyclopedia, printed in the 1930s, a gift from a dear friend. I have old Theresa Wentzler patterns (some still hand-drawn charts) that have been gathering dust since the dates on the Cross Stitch and Country Crafts mags were purchased. I’ve got needlework magazines that don’t exist any more, and needlework magazines that do. I would LOVE to collect sajous ( As much as I love them all, this has got to stop. I haven’t looked at some of these in over a decade, except to pack them for a move!)

To that end, I’m having a culling. Some of these magazines have rare patterns in them that people want. Some of them are just taking up space.

Some of them aren’t going anywhere: My Weldon’s leave my studio over my dead body. Same for my copy of Schuette’s Embroidery (mine’s in French. If you really want a copy, there’s a French online bookstore that still offers it http://alapage.fr/ (Enter Schuette broderie in the search box and click Rechercher). You have to navigate a French site to get it, though.) Used English copies go for over $600. This one is about 50 Euros.

I’m packaging the magazines up in nice little one-year bundles and put them up on Ebay. You’ll find them starting Monday under my username, deromilly. (Oh, my husband’s culling his Science Fiction magazines as well! We want our wall and shelf-space back.)

PS. At some point soon my rubber stamp collection is going, too — most of them aren’t angel companies, so I can’t use them in my art, so I am culling entire hobbies!

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  1. I read your blog entry about old needlework patterns and magazines and have to say that I am just as bad — I have all of Tina Richards original patterns before Shepherd’s Bush. Burda magazines, dress patterns, . . . and I keep picking up out of print needlepoint books at the library used book sale.

  2. I just started to cross stitch some of Teresa Wentzler’s patterns. I’m enjoying this very much. I was wondering if you would have her Christmas Ornaments, Fruit and Floral Wreaths? And would you be willing to sell or trade these?


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