Altered books?

I don’t normally like the idea or the result of altered books. My inner librarian and inner historian combine to shudder at the idea.

That said, I really like the link that was posted in the Fabric Art Journals blog this week. The link is to some beautiful cutwork books. Check it out. I’ll wait.

While I’m still getting the heeby-jeebies from the idea of cutting up books, the absolute beauty of some of the finished products of these are really mitigating that. This in itself is unnerving me.

So go have a look. Feel free to come back and let me know what YOU thought. I’m very curious now as to what others think. 

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  1. OK, now that’s awesome. I dabble with altering books, although nowhere near that level. I bought an old book at an antique mall that I planned to alter, and my family wouldn’t let me LOL My daughter was appalled that I’d even think of “damaging” a 100 year old book and kept it for herself 🙂

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