Sequins and Sketching and Knitting, oh my!

I haven’t had a chance to focus on needlework at all, really. Gotta love “Real Life” But what I’ve been working on these days on rare occasions when I do find the time is sketching and sequins! They’re keeping me sane…

The sequinning project for my dance troupe goes ahead quite well. The first flower applique has been done for a while now.


I need to shorten the fringe on it, but otherwise it’s been approved and adored. Yay! This style will go in our hair. The dress will have flowers with the colors the other way around, turquoise in the middle so they show up on the turquoise dresses; but I had to order more small turquoise sequins and big black ones to do those… And of course, while I was on the site placing the order I got carried away and ordered enough for another project I’m thinking of, too… But it’s gonna be PREEETTTY!!! (Shhh. that project’s a secret! and I still need beads for it.)

And I’ve been sketching when I haven’t been writing help files at the day job. Dancers, mostly. Here are a couple of my favorites. Both ballet and bellydance. I might scan them in properly and design note cards of some of these I’ve done recently. I’m liking them.

pencilsketchballerina.jpg inksketchballerina.jpg bellydancesketch.jpg
Ballerina pencil sketch Ballerina Ink sketch Bellydancer pencil

In other news, I’ve donated to the Spin Out charity drive. I found the link via Mason-Dixon knitting. They’ve extended the deadline for making a donation and being entered into an amazing raffle until the 15th of October. It’s for a good cause, and buying chickens or cows for a small village is very satisfying. 🙂

And my friend CyberBertha found this wonderful video of a seagull shoplifting Doritos in Scotland… Cheeky beastie!

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