Owls burst into my life this morning when I was reading my blogs over my cup of tea. There were owls everywhere, from Doodle-Wednesday yesterday to a link from In a Minute ago to an owl pattern

My paternal grandmother collected owls. Owls of all types. She had soapstone hand-carved owls from Seattle’s Olde Curiousity Shoppe that I bought her, glass owls her daughter brought her from Italy, Owls from every city she’d ever visited. She was an owly-looking person, too. I realized as I thought about including a photo that I don’t have any. I’ve emailed my aunt, keeper of all things geneological, to hopefully remedy that problem. Fingers crossed. My paternal family was very photogenic, and I would really like to have the old photos, at least in computer form to use in my textile art and to just have, for that matter. THe pattern would make a lovely addition to the collection, which I don’t know who has now. I was moving so often twenty years ago that I passed it on to one of my cousins for safe-keeping. I hope it’s loved.

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