First, I’m losing it. The company that manages my 401K sent me an email today, and I thought it was spam, but was willing to open it anyway, because I was SURE it was from the “Yarn Benefits Center.”  Was from “YOUR benefits center…,” Sigh. I think I might be in withdrawal. Since I’m losing weight because of a getting-resolved (yay!) health problem, I’m not knitting for myself right now, and don’t have time to knit gifts…. So I’m not fondling yarn a lot. Waaaaa.

 Second. Congratulations to my old college roommate, who after leaving her marriage and suddenly becoming a single mom, is rejoining the workforce after 15 years into her dream position. YAY!

 I promise a real textile post in the next day or two. There are several that just need a bit of tweaking, but I needed to get those two items off of my chest. 🙂

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