Geometry and Nature..

…not to be confused with the Geometry of  nature!

I found a new-to-me website. It’s in Dutch, but she translates into English below each post. And even if you couldn’t understand it, the charts are amazing!!! She found the old charts in her Aunt’s attic, and she and many friends have been digitizing them and offering them on her blog for personal use. Definitely worth a look: archives, too…. Lilian Kok:

If you like my little geometric designs you’ll love these. I found the site through the Gift of Stitching yahoo group.

The Gift of Stitching is the first needlework magazine I’ve bothered to subscribe to in a long time. It’s completely in electronic format, which allows them to have lots of color and lots of patterns and articles for less money than printing them. And the designers are international, which provides for a broader view of the art form in general.

Not affiliated (yet, though in the spirit of full disclosure, I do hope to put up an affiliation link soon…).

In addition, I recently received a copy of “The Art & Embroidery of Jane Hall, Reflections of Nature“. All I can say is wow. This isn’t a project book, but it does detail many of her projects. With her own words reflecting a magical outlook on nature and the world around her punctuating the photographs, this is worth every penny I paid for it. Link above is to Amazon for ease, but if you can find it at an independent bookstore, please do. The images are detailed, clear, and she works lifesize… stumpwork beetles with couched gold wings: 3/4 inch wide. TINY things. The gold thread that’s couched down is the size of sewing thread. Little silk scales made for a mermaid’s tail that are the size of a pinhead, tacked down with miniscule little stitches. And I thought *I* was insane with the tiny tiny fiddly work!!! I’m going to have to revise my opinions. Maybe there are levels of insane? Like rings of hell?

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