I hope you are all enjoying the start of summer.

I have been, but I am, right now, extremely frustrated. I want to be able to stitch, and I can’t. You see, last weekend I got carried away a bit in the garden and terraced the hill behind my house so that I could install the first of several raised beds we are putting in to raise veggies. I was a little… er… enthusiastic with weilding the hoe, and now my right hand is more than sore. The tendons are so inflamed that while I can maneuver knitting (pretty easily as long as it’s not size 1 needles…) and type (which is good, cause I do that in my day job…) I can’t control a sewing needle yet.

It means cross stitch and embroidery is right out for a few days while I recover. I also have difficulty controlling a pen, so I can’t write letters or draw. Nor can I play with geometric designs unless I have access to my computer. Since I’ve got carpool duty today, I’ve got an hour and a half to sit around after work. I was looking forward to stitching and enjoying that time. I forgot to bring my book, so now I’m not sure what I’ll do… nap? I’m just not happy unless my hands are doing something.

End whine. 🙂

I have a couple of little geometric designs to post soon. I need to get them converted for you. I shall endeavour to do that tonight and get them posted tomorrow.

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