The best laid plans…

Of mice and Romis. 🙂

It took me longer than expected to get to the computer to convert patterns for you. But I’ve got one! OK, so I’ve got two. These are from a very large sampler I’m designing. Wish me luck, ’cause when it’s finished I’ve got to actually STITCH the thing!

Have fun with them. If you use them, let me know how!

Standard copyright notice applies. Feel free to use for personal use only, please don’t sell the design or mass-produce stuff from it. If you want to use them commercially, please ask and we’ll talk. If you link to it, please link to the entire post, not just to the chart.

Click to enbiggen. Note: the first one prints better than it displays, at least on my monitor.



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  1. Hi Romilly — I am teaching a ort box class sometime in the next few months . I will be telling people to find their own patterns that work on a 60×60 thread grid. I will be pointing people to your site so if you get some odd downloads of patterns you will know what is going on. Best regards,

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