What do I mean I didn’t accomplish anything?!

I am very definitely stressed right now. I’m in a situation where my goals are on hold until the family life straightens out a bit. Not that there is anything going dramatically wrong, either. Just little, petty wild fires that sap my energy and keep me from accomplishing much on the creative front.

On the other hand, my Studio Journals class kept me at least a bit active, and I’ve tried out several things, some of which have been inspiring, and others complete failures. But it’s kept me doing at least a little every couple of days, if not daily.

Some of the things I have actually accomplished follow: (since it’s always a good idea to list what you did accomplish when feeling inadequate)

  • The designs for the samplers discussed in Disappearing Act.
  • Playing with cut paper designs & snowflakes.
  • Playing with more geometric motifs for cross stitch.
  • Sketching bellydancers.
  • Taking photos with my new camera — mostly macros. And realizing that I really do still know what I’m doing.
  • Researching designers programs with suppliers.
  • Playing with paints and pastels.

I’m frustrated with the last because although I enjoy working with them, I never seem to be able to achieve any results I like with that kind of colored media. The exceptions to this are thread and colored pencil, both exceedingly fussy and time-consuming techniques that don’t particularly lend themselves to quick sketchbook work. I also can’t seem to get results I really like with the computer. But the last may well be simply because I spend so much time on a computer in my day job that using it as a design tool — even for simple pattern manipulation — is a pain in the backside.

So wow. I have accomplished a lot! It’s just that pesky stress thing making me think I’m drowning and not progressing.

And yesterday evening, after I wrote the draft of this to here, Dear Husband reminded me that no matter how stressed I am right now, there’s actually a final date give or take a month or two that I can plan for. So as of today, my plan is to start sorting and emptying my supposed studio space (now a muss of storage that I try to work around). Then the full remodel can begin on January 2. He promises me bookcases, real drawing tables and drawers for my bits and pieces. So I can put things away, even if I do often like to work in a creative disaster area. Right now it’s just a disaster area, not creative at all… This is going to be fun. Planning hat on!

And just to finish on a happy note, here is one of the photos I took that I’m really proud of. One of the last of the summer daylilies out by Dad’s apartment. My Dad and I were playing “one upmanship” with our cameras. I won. Click to embiggen.


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