Dressup Designs!

Last Thursday, a friend on LiveJournal posted a meme to play dress up with her. Hee. Never one to turn down a challenge, instead of just finding clothes I liked, I had to actually get out the croquis and design things for her specifically. I wish that I had the time and resources to fly her out and actually MAKE this to fit, but maybe I’ll win the lottery one day!

I told her it would be done on Friday, but then I got sick and didn’t get it scanned in. Better late than never, though.

So Rebecca, here you go. One custom design in two layers. Sorry, I don’t do shoes, you’ll have to provide those yourself. 🙂 If you want the goldwork notes mapped out in more detail, let me know. THOSE I might even be able to do as appliques! Click to embiggen.

rebecca1.jpg  rebecca2.jpg

This was fun! I like designing for people I know. It’s much easier than designing for a dress form on a standard “type”.

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