And old thought…

I found this in an old journal the other day and realized that it still applies, or should, to my life. Not really needlework or shimmy-related, but rather overarching:

I trust…

my intuition. That the Universe will give me signs as to the direction I should take.

I trust my abilities and my sense of self, and that my support network will see me through. I trust in God/dess; home and hearth, and that if I act locally I can change the world: or at least be a part of that change.

I trust that human nature is generally good, and that if people would look within for peace, peace would manifest without as well.

I place my trust in nature: that spring will follow winter; predator will chase prey; and newborns will refresh the world.

Yup. I’m an optimist. I’m going on vacation with my husband today– the first time in about 2 years that we’ve been able to get away together! As I realize how I’ve let some aspects of my life get away from me, the above passage reminds me of who and what I am. I’ll be gone without internet access until Monday, so if you leave a comment, it may not get moderated until then. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, all.

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