It’s official!

I’m putting some of my jewelry up on Etsy.

bluemoon.jpgRight now there are only a few of my id/flash drive lanyards, but I’m hoping to add several bead-embroidery brooches and goldwork pendants soon. Textiles are, after all, my forte.  I feel a little silly that my first foray back into business has been strung beadwork when it really isn’t what I’m known for!

icegrass.jpgBut within a week Golden Circle Designs will be back up and legal. This weekend I’m going to layout all the existing designs into a current publishing program. And I’m still playing with website design. I’d REALLY like people to be able to download the designs in pdf form immediately after payment. But I’m thinking that might not be workable right now. So I’m still doing research…

In any case! Etsy!

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  1. Ah THERE it is – I remember you telling me it had “paws” in it, but couldn’t remember the precise – and evidently I don’t understand Etsy’s search patterns. [maybe they understand wild cards, didn’t try those…]

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