As I write this draft (on Nov. 21), we are having our first flurries of the year here in the Piedmont of North Carolina – by the time it’s posted we will probably be back to our normal mild Thanksgiving weather — but I rather hope not.

Last night the end of my cherry tomatoes, which were making a valiant efort for one last crop, froze (they couldn’t do much else, at 20 degrees fahrenheit!). The lettuce, insulated by a layer of fallen leaves, was apparently alive when I left this morning. If it’s still that way when I get home, I’ll harvest it.

And yet — the snow is undeniably pretty. Winter is officially here finally – we missed it completely last year. Its arrival makes me happy. Perhaps the only thing that could make it better would be to be at home with a cup of tea and my needlework instead of grabbing a quick break with a cup of tea at the day job.

I realized this morning that I haven’t done any designs featuring snow or winter holidays. Ever. Which is kind of interesting, since it’s my favorite time of the year. Maybe I should think about it a little more deeply!

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