The Camels

camelconvoy.jpgThis is a post for Mary Corbet, who posted this summer about the Inspirations camels, and for whom I promised to search for the photos.  I was lucky enough to find them.

I’ve read Inspirations Magazine constantly for the past many years — I didn’t realize just how many until I pulled up these photos and found I’d stitched them in 2004! Now I really feel old! I’ve been reading the magazine for a long time before that, too…

browncamel.jpgUsually I read the projects and get inspired and go off and do my own thing. But when the camels found their way into my hands, I was happily ensconced in my bellydance troupe and looking for a way to thank them all for the wonderful times they’d given me. These were perfect!

blackcamel.jpgI stitched them individually on small pieces of Weeks Dye works hand dyed wool felt for each of the troupe members. This let me try out the stitches and experiment with the specialty threads on the blankets — since I couldn’t get many of the Austrailian threads in the states at that time – and didn’t have the money to order them all at once.bluecamel.jpg

The wool flannel blanketing for the blanket came from Jenny June before the owner folded the business (I’m still bummed about that closure…let me go pout in a corner for a while). I got the last yard she had of the blanketing. There is still enough for me to stitch the camel sequel for me (Inspirations # 43), but I haven’t gotten around to it.

If you have access to this magazine, sadly no longer easily available, I highly recommend this project! It’s quick and fun, and absolutely stunning in person. As usual, click the photos to enlarge them. I still see the camel on black every week at a friend’s when I go to rehearsal with my new troupe, Phoenix Rising (which shares two of our old members in addition to me) and I’m still honored that it hangs on her entryway wall.

Closeups of the blanket camels:

leadcamel.jpg  secondcamel.jpg  thirdcamel.jpg

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  1. I LOVE THEM!!!! Thanks so much for posting them – I think my favorite one is the one on black – but I like them all! Aren’t they just the smuggest, most glorious things?

    I’m working up a list of threads to keep an eye out for, so that I can do at least one of the camels this year…. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

    Thanks, Romilly!!

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