Itching to be Stitching

I have, at the moment, several doodly little floral pieces that are begging to be embroidered and made into cocktail purses or coin pouches. Maybe even an evening wallet.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been in a position to do any of it. I was off work for over a week a bit ago for surgery and so messed up because of pain and pain meds that I couldn’t touch a needle. This week, my heart-sister is preparing to move out of my guest bedroom and off on her own as a newly-single Mom (newly single, not newly Mom!) and the EO is laid low with a herniated disk in his back — not conducive to stitching at home, either!

So I spend my days at the office writing help files for a computer program and wishing I had a needle in hand — or space, fabric and clear gesso, but that requires my studio tidied, which is definitely not happening before the beginning of the year, after all the moving of people has been finished. Stitching is portable, but generally frowned upon by employers! I stitch at lunch, but right now it’s not enough for me!

So what do you all do when your life intrudes on your art addiction? I’m attempting to hang on until after the holidays, but it’s really, really hard right now!

Dora (the 4-year old kitten) says: Why don’t you just stick your sharp pointy things in the other humans until they leave you alone? That’s what I do!

I think that Dora is being unduly influenced by the cat over on the “Life of Pookah” blog.

Mostly, life is just busy right now, what with injuries and holidays and such.  There will be time soon.

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