Making Time…

For art, needlework, blogging… or anything else that’s really important…

Our lives are busy, just in making a go of it – we have jobs to pay the bills, family to attend to, friends who want to see us, not to mention chores that need to be done for health, if not for just wanting a clean house. In short, life takes over. Or rather, we let life take over.

If you’re feeling horribly frazzled, as we often are, especially at this time of year, I invite you to stop for a moment – just a moment, to take stock. That frazzled feeling is, at least for me, generally an indication that I’m not paying attention to what is truly important in life.

I don’t remember where I read it – but there was a book on finishing projects for perfectionists (did I mention that I iz one?-perfectionist, that is, not a book), that said there was a place for perfection – for example, building a piano. It encouraged you to stop, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, “Is this a piano?” If the answer is no, just make sure it’s “good enough,” not perfect. Cleaning is not usually a piano. Attending your daughter’s school concert on time is closer.

Making art, or doing anything you love, is not a piano – it doesn’t have to be perfect. But I would argue that it belongs in the list with doing your laundry – it may not need to be perfect, but it does need to be done. Doodle. Take five stitches on that sampler every day. Just five. Find five minutes to play that Bach minuet on the piano gathering dust in the family room.

Take time, even if only a little time – to LIVE, not just survive.

May your New Year be full of living, loving, and joy.

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