Still alive, if not Shimmying so much… :)

I set the pattern to post on Wednesday as much for me as for y’all. And yes, we did have a little interloper who kept trying to come into the house with the Dear husband with no sense that the cat had her eye on her for a light snack. I did, however, expect to get back to things before this. My apologies. As is usual with life, not only me, but my father and my husband, the “Evil Overlord,” henceforth known as the EO, had health emergencies that have kept me away from the computer!

I was talking to a blogless friend last night about how we all learn things at our own varying paces. She is in the process of training at work and said the following:

“When we’re training on something new, I get very fussy and whiny and bitchy and  cry-ey: and the trainer pulled my manager over and said, ‘I don’t get it, she’s getting it beautifully.’

Her manager said, ‘Relax, let her fret, in ten minutes, she’ll be fine and teaching everybody else. You just gotta slice her some cheese to go with the whine for the first little bit.’

Like he says, “everybody has their process. Just leave her alone, you’ll like the results.”

Everyone does have their process. I’ve been doing hip circles since I got home from the hospital, and I’m now working myself into full workouts again. I don’t particularly want the 14 pounds that went away to come back, even if it DID go away in a rather unpleasant manner. 🙂

I’ve also taken a break from stitching samples for Golden Circle Designs. Part of it is that the paperwork isn’t filed yet, due to my unexpected absence from everything. Another part of it is just that I’m TIRED of cross stitch. I’ve been working on needlelace brooches, and on a kit, yes, despite what I wrote a while back, I bought another inexpensive kit… that I’ve been extremely pleased with.

cover.jpgI had to take my Dad to the hospital this week so they could clean out his dialysis fistula (where they plug him in to “change his oil” as he puts it. So before one of my appointments I slipped into JoAnn fabrics and bought a candlewicking kit that I had seen before. OK, I actually bought TWO as I was hopeful they’d be good. I’m impressed. I finished it this morning, and while chain stitch both isn’t something I think about when I think of candlewicking, and the thread was softer than I prefer (I’d rather use actual candlewick than the soft cotton they often package these days), I was really impressed by the quality.

Note: other than the cover shot, all the stitching is mine.

candlewickpillow.jpgThe kit was a pre-made 14 inch pillow, with a zippered back. The stitching on the pillow has both normal seams and serged seam allowances, and seems very sturdy. The fabric is a cotton evenweave, with a lovely hand and interesting khaki color. Again, not the muslin traditionally associated with candlewicking, but something that will go better with modern furniture. The design was silkscreened on an stitched up very fast. (4 evenings, in fact.)

candlewickdetail1.jpg  candlewickdetail.jpg

The second kit has different shades of brown cotton – and they provided full skeins of DMC perle, so I’m looking forward to stitching it. The question is, can I keep from opening it for a while now, or am I going to delay stitching that needs to be done for a bit more so I can play with the second kit!?

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