A question and a giveaway…

Is anyone out there? Bueller? Bueller? I’m feeling a bit lonely — like I’m just babbling into space…So, I thought we might have a little contest — and I can do some market research at the same time.

I’m currently in the process of navigating the business license requirements for my new location — I’m hoping to re-open Golden Circle Designs all the way in the next two months. I’ve done this before, and I’ve been .

The designs are living on my computer and almost ready to go again include (I’ll post photos below):

  • Lucinda in the Rose garden (about 14X14″)
  • Draco, the dragon, (5X7″)
  • The Gryphon, (5X7″)
  • Accipiter, the Hawk (5X7″)
  • Rosa, the Rose (3X5″)
  • Violetta, the Violet (3X5″)
  • Papaver, the poppy (3X5″)



I want to apologize for the bad photography. These were the best files I still had from way back. There will be new photography for the new releases of the charts. For reference: Lucinda is stitched on 32 count twilight blue linen from Wichelt, the Bestiary pieces are on Cashel Dirty Linen, and the Herbals are on 28 count in Old barn or some such (it’s a very greyed out brown… the poppy is the closest to the  actual fabric.)

Also in the work needing models stitched, finished:

  • Talieson in the Rose Garden (Lucinda’s Partner)
  • Fleur de Lis, Iris (3X5″)
  • Catte et Mus, Cat and Mouse
  • Calliope, First in a series of 9 muses by artist Cherie Daniels
  • Spot Samplers, Esther and Della, and the infamous Tramatina (that last one’s going to take TIME to get finished!)
  • Several square pillow designs
  • Several band samplers for 8X10 frames

The marketing question —
Which direction would you like me to lean for publication immediately — samplers, pictures, or both? (In other words, which pieces would you like me to stitch and get to market first?)

The contest —
artofwilliammorrisbook.jpgopenmorrisbook.jpgI’ve got a copy of Reader’s Digest The Art of William Morris in Cross Stitch to give away. comment on this post with your answer to my marketing question, and I’ll put all the names in a hat and have my godson pull one out for the winner on February 2. This is  beautiful edition of reproductions in cross stitch of some of William Morris’ most beautiful designs. I love the charts, and I love the designs, but I just don’t have time to stitch them any more, and this book deserves to be loved. It’s a hardbound book, with a paper dust cover.  The charts are beautifully done, and the chapters include a bit of the history of the pieces reproduced.

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  1. Hi
    First the marketing question……….Samplers are by far the more popular item which will help get your business off and running more quickly. They are a bit quicker to stitch as well because they usually have less color changes. I would suggest that you do an ornament as well for the TGOS mag as it will help to get your name in front of folks…..

    If I do not win the book, would you mind sharing the publisher information. I am a huge Arts and Crafts Fan and would love to own it!

    Thanks so much and good luck…..

  2. I’d go with the samplers. They seem to be very popular right now! And, well… personally, I’m more drawn to samplers, myself, than to pictures in counted thread techniques. I especially like samplers that incorporate more than just cross stitch… but that’s just me.

    I cracked up at your first line of the post. I say that all the time to my students when I’m not getting a response, but they’re either too young or not retro enough to have any idea what I’m talking about!

  3. Hee hee. Thank you Mary! Yeah, not only do I reference it, but I find that pointing out that “Mueller” rhymes with “Bueller” helps for people out here of a “certain age” in trying to figure out how to pronounce my name. I’m just now starting to realize that I’m of a “certain age” now!

    Spelling, well “just like the spaghetti” works (though how a southern pasta company got a German name is beyond me…)

  4. Hmm – good question – since I haven’t seen the samplers, it’s a bit difficult, but I think I would lean that way as well. Particularly if there is a motif or central design you could “pull out” as a stand alone piece (eg, a sampler with a muse could show that stiched separately as an ornament or pinkeeper).

    If I don’t win, I’d like the info on the book too!


  5. How exciting for you to be up and going soooooon!

    I don’t know specifically which samplers you are thinking about but I do think samplers is the way to go, to get started: they’re fun to do, and seem to appeal to new and experienced stitchers alike! They’re certainly my fave 🙂

    Ooh, so pleased to learn of that William Morris book. Reader’s Digest do such a good job don’t they?

    All the best as you get things up and running,

  6. Seems like i am in the minority. I am only iffy on samplers, But I really liked the flowers you had there.

    So for me personally, pictures. Business…..it may have to be samplers


  7. Samplers by far get my interest quicker than any other form of stitchwork. I look at pictures and critique the subject matter; however, with a sampler I get interested in the stitches themselves and get lost in the variety and technique.

    Thanks for the question and opportunity to voice my thoughts.

  8. I believe that you might get more people interested in samplers. Some of us like to get sampler charts to use one or motifs in other work – so a the designs you publish could get more than one use. You could even do a series of samplers that could be used together, for instance several motifs from different samplers.

    And the William Morris book would be wonderful! A book on May Morris, his very talented daughter would be wonderful to find, too.

    Good luck with your marketing!


  9. I know that everyone is voting for samplers – and I love samplers – but I would love the herbal series. The pieces are small and discrete, but it would satisfy the collector side of me to complete them all.

    Hope that helps!

  10. My daughter has been the one with the talent for counted cross stitch. She has done many pieces for me and I’ve loved them all. THe work you’ve done is lovely. I like samplers and individual flowers. Good luck! Thanks for having the wonderful giveaway.

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