The Great Cat Pillow…

My godson is turning twelve this February. He wants handknit socks. However, he wants a very specific colorway that is probably going to necessitate my actually buying sock blanks and dying them myself. This is not going to happen and still get them knit in that amount of time. As usual, click on thumbnails to see more detail.

kittypilloworiginalthread.jpgTwo years ago I went on a garage sale binge. I was looking for specific things for the house, but instead I found… needlework supplies. Lots and lots of needlework supplies, some of which I bought sight unseen. One of the kits in one of these lots was a candlewicked cat pillow pattern put out by Caron. I’ve been hemming and hawing about the color scheme for a year now. The colors that came with the kit are er… very pastel.

kittypillownewthread.jpgWhile I am sure that the kiddo will love the kitty, I didn’t think the colors that came with it were going to fly. So for a year I’ve postponed stitching it. Finally his mother pointed out that I don’t HAVE to use the colors or the threads that came with it… how many obvious things can I miss? Of course, the point was probably that I didnt’ want to waste the cheap thread that came with the original cheap kit… Heh. I should know better by now, right? Thread is cheap in general. Don’t be afraid to change it. kittypillow1.jpg

So I’ve changed the color scheme for something a bit more… er manly? Well, bright at least! And the kitty color is now that of his cat. I’m pretty sure kittypillowdetail1.jpghe’s going to like it, but I’ll also provide a more boyish present at the same time, and the suggestion that he leave the pillow in the living room so that he can blame it on his Mom when friends are over.

almostkitty.jpgEven more of the kitty has been stitched now! Just the yellow yarn and the green yarn to go and then I can figure out how to put a zipper in a pillow so it can be washed. This IS for a 12 year old boy, after all! I may enlist his mother — she used to work in soft furnishings and knows about all that sewing and finishing stuff that I have studiously avoided learning. Which is kind of funny .given that I’m the one who taught her how to sew… But that’s story for another day.

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