To Build a Plus Size Bedlah… Part 2

OK. Now I’ve got a pattern. Time to create the buckram lining (or outer shell) Really, it can go on either side of the bra. I tend to put it inside since I a) line the bra with felt and b) like being able to bead into the foam surface and c) like that this keeps the foam outside a bit smoother. If you’re making a bra, play with it until you decide which you prefer.

Note: I’ve got a friend who just told me last week to Dispense with the buckram altogether and just coat the whole bra in Liquid Stiffy fabric stiffener. I haven’t decided how I feel about this idea yet. I may try it on one, but frankly, I sweat like a horse when I dance and always have, and I’d be afraid it would melt through the fabric in the heat. I’ll do a little more research and then report back on this idea! (I’ve used it in small amounts on my professional bedlah, though, so maybe it would be ok… that MUCH though… that’s what’s throwing me for a loop!

I cut my buckram out to match the pattern I made earlier, without leaving any seam allowance. You really don’t want any overlap or it gets too bulky (I’m bulky enough on my own…). I have NEVER had this actually be completely accurate. I whipstitch the buckram together along the seam line in the middle, and then stuff it into the bra cup and baste it down with big basting stitches so that it won’t shift.

Next part – covering the bra with pretty fabric!!! The fun part starts!

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