Color Experiments and Challenge

Over the years I have noticed a tendency I’ve had to gravitate toward a specific color set in all my work. I struggle with this and have always attempted to buy thread and try to design outside my comfort zone.

This does not always work. While I have used more yellows and oranges over the years, blue, green and purple still overwhelms them in my stash and work. And always will, I suspect. Sometimes I don’t even notice the other colors around me. Even the acrylic painting I started last week turns out to have a predominance of blue and green!

Do you wear this kind of color blinders, too?

Over the next seven weeks I’ve decided to challenge myself to find the colors around me. One week, one color, until I’ve worked through the whole rainbow. This week I’m starting with red. I’m going to try to take photos of what I find in my life in these colors as I go and post them here on Saturday morning.

Want to play with me? Post photos to your blog or flickr account and then post the link in the comments when I post my photos on Saturdays.

This will be a short week, since I’m just starting, but since this Saturday is Valentine’s day, RED should be easy enough to find around us.

Come explore our colorful world with me!

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2 Responses to Color Experiments and Challenge

  1. I never really thought about that until I read this. I, on the other hand gravitate towards yellow, orange and brown. I have never really tried to escape or invite the other ones in. And now I am looking around our bedroom. There’s a white door and silver knobs on the the dark cherry (with more brown than red) furniture. Everything else is beige and they kinda just float around in the background.

    Maybe I should play.

  2. One way I look at an exhibit of modern art is by ignoring everything about each piece except the colors used by the artist. I’m seldom happy with modern art as a whole but the artists use of color is interesting to me.

    I do find myself gravitating to old comfortable colors in stitching. I know what will “work” with what and what will give me that feel good peace of mind.

    There are just times when you want a bowl of mac and cheese, not edgy cuisine that has been blowtorched or subjected to shock value sauces.

    I’m an arts and crafts color person generally. Intense, vibrant, rich colors. No pfussy pastels for me, thank you very much.

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