Journaling – Visual and otherwise

I’m a sporadic journaler, or have been. Much like I’m a sporadic band sampler-maker (more on that in another post!) I have kept and abandoned journals and diaries of all kinds since I was 10.

My first was a little locking diary that my grandmother gave me. I remember it was red, and I got angry with it very quickly because it only had five lines per day, and they weren’t far enough apart to write in anyway. That attempt lasted about five days. (I was determined.)

When I was twelve, that grandmother – my special friend – died and I was very lonely. I don’ tknow what made me realize that I could journal in a spiral bound notebook — or that I could address entries to my Nini — but I did both. The letter-writing campaign helped me through my grief and the tribulations of Jr. High School.

I’ve been sporadic about it since — lots of writing — my journals were always words. I had sporadic sketchbooks of bad drawings as well, and steno pads full of novel notes — oh, and later a day planner which I still use for organization and calender-keeping.

Then in 2007 I took Sharon Boggon’s Studio Journal course online, and suddenly all of this had a point — sketchbook and sporadic journal have been consolidated — the “novels” none ever finished — will probably remain in steno pads and three-ring binders so that they stay together. Not to mention that writing fiction no longer appeals quite so much.

Then over the past year I discovered “art journaling” in a real way, rather than in the “oh look at those gorgeous pages in that artist’s journal, but why would I want to make that kind of art it’s not my cup of tea” kind of way. I still don’t think the making a beautiful page method will ever apply to my stuff — my art is more about playing with neat techniques and trying things out than getting deep into my soul — but i reserve the right to go wherever I feel like it in my journals — from bad art to bad poetry and up to great on both of those. 🙂 And I’m shamelessly stealing techniques from the mixed media and art journalers. And by using the art journaling techniques such as Kelly Kilmer teaches in her Prompt a Day class (yes, I’m taking the February course…) and combining it with the splash and go method Ricë Freeman-Zachery propounds in her “journal spanks” prompts that just say that it’s YOUR book, just USE it! And combining it with Sharon’s “composting” method, I have to admit that my creativity has increased recently.

So if I’m missing from the blog for a post or two, don’t panic, I’m probably just stitching or painting! (Or shimmying, but that probably goes without saying! TWO count ’em TWO shows this month!!!)

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