I was right. Orange is difficult to find in spring in a way that *I* consider pretty.

There are a lot of construction flags. I was trying to avoid actually taking pictures of oranges or carrots. I didn’t manage it.  But here we go:

The orange sweatshirt on the construction guy with all the orange traffic cones in his truck:

First I felt the need to cheat and use the doodle I did on an orange scratch pad at work:

I resorted to photographing the ads:

I found the orange lid of the glue at the office:

Then I noticed that the book I’m knitting from has a great deal of orange in it:

And I finally resorted to food: oranges, and then noticed the baker’s chocolate in the baking cupboard of things I can no longer eat:

And I took a close up of the bag for the oranges because as well as being a beautiful deep orange, the texture was just so cool!

So. Did YOU find anything neat and orange this week? Trackback or post a comment so I can see, too!

Edited to add: Next week… Yellow!

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