Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

And it is, still Valentine’s day, if not for much longer where I am. I meant to get this out earlier, but the day kind of got out of hand…

Anyway. Here are some of my red images. I actually found more than I expected to, and none of them are roses or valentines! I think Orange may be harder next week…

This is the apple I had for a snack last Wednesday, my red editing pen at work, and the “blood” all over the technical document I’m editing. I wrote it, so the author won’t feel TOO bad that the editor is making all those corrections, LOL!

The berries outside of the drive-thru where I bought my salad…

The dressing had a red packet, too! But I’ll leave them to your imagination.

We had Valentine’s Day dinner at a red restaurant. This is the Evil Overlord… at least as much as anyone will ever see of him… he prefers to live in the shadows. (REAL dinner was sushi last night. My husband really is a romantic at heart.)

Even the cups are red:

So that’s my red week. Leave a comment or a trackback to show me yours!

Next week… Orange!

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