Dancers who Stitch (or Stitchers who Dance)

Rissa Peaceroot of  Pretty Impressive Things, also the Editor of CQMagazine online, is also on several of my bellydance lists. This current issue of the magazine is a tribute to their original editor, Nora Creach. what I didn’t realize until reading Rissa’s editorial, is that Nora, or Noora, was also a dancer. she had some marvelous insights on bellydance in the “good old days.”

I have a desk job — my stitching hobby is also pretty sedentary. I love bellydancing because for me it is a way to keep moving while having fun with other women (and men) of myriad shapes and sizes.

And that brings me to a question — who else do I know hiding a secret identity? There is an entire website gallery of bellydancing librarians. There are more of us than you might guess!

Dancing stitchers – show me your shimmy! Do you make your costumes? Do you avoid “real” sewing like the plague? How do you combine your hobbies, or do you?

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