How do you find time?

I mentioned in a previous post that I thought one of the reasons we don’t experiment more is the perception of not wanting to waste time — we’re looking for the quick and foolproof.

My mother's wedding portrait
My mother's wedding portrait

We are all very busy these days – I know I’m busy-er than my mother was – I remember her taking up major craft projects in porcelain and oil painting when I was in elementary school — she went back to work because she was bored. These days I think she’d be diving into the internet to make money from her art, and joining the bellydance troupe…

I work a day job. I teach dance, and I try to design as well as blog and stitch. Sometimes I think the day job gets in the way of my real calling — but hey, it’s still writing! But it does cut into the stitching and dancing time.

What I’ve learned is that I need to pace myself. I get up early enough that I can sit and take a few stitches before I leave in the morning. And I do my chores as soon as I get home so I can wind down in the evening with my stitching/designing and my husband. Like a magazine writer, I blog ahead of time (which is why my weather discussions may be a little off of the actual weather by a few days), taking five minutes here and there to scribble down an idea. Then weekends are for catching up on everything — including sleep! I don’t know how I’d manage if I had kids, too… and yet…

In this busy world, how do you find the time for the things you love?

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