I am a Dancer…

I do dance!
I do dance!

With wardrobe malfunctions! Everyone goes through something similar at some time in their life,  I think.  As Mom would have said, “builds character!”

Note: All pictures in this post are courtesy of Megan H. Freeman.

In my case it was a misunderstanding of the logistics of my current weight loss — I’ve lost 2 inches in my hips over the past few months and nothing around my waist.  This takes my nice hourglass figure – the curves of which served to hold up my skirt – and turn it into a cylinder – not conducive to skirts staying up.

Note to self (and other dancers) if you are in the process of losing weight, do NOT trust even a full dress rehearsal — pin – pin- pin your costume. It will be the part you’re least worried about that will snap. Keep a professional attitude, smile, turn, wave and leave gracefully if necessary.

Oops. See how low that skirt is falling?(So are the pants!)
New Comedy Schtick!
New Comedy Schtick!

No, I didn’t lose my costume onstage – if in doubt, turn hitching it up into a comedy schtick! But apparently it was closer than I thought it was! And yes, I was wearing underwear, but luckily it didn’t come to people seeing it.

So there!

Costuming malfunctions I’ve seen over the years include everything from the loss of a false ponytail to my skirt, to broken bra straps, to a ballerina who lost the entire bodice of her tutu in the middle of a backbend — that recovery took grace under pressure and has been my gold standard for continuing over the years. If she can handle that,  I can handle almost anything. So there!

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