Yellow was supposed to be easy.  The daffodils bloomed last week.  We had 70 degree weather! Um… yeah. and I got stuck behind a desk while the sun was out.

So. Three photos.  All of bananas. Well, one banana.  Tonight it’s supposed to snow. So there may be photos of daffodils in snow later, like the peonies.

bananaThe entire banana. Quite a pretty shade of yellow. Delicious, too. 😛

bananaendThe END of the banana is just plain interesting. It LOOKS like it’s been burnt where it’s cut off the tree.


I LOVE the details when you look at it up close.

And this weekend there were lovely yellow costumes on a couple of the dancers. I’ll provide links when my favorite photographer puts her photos up. 🙂

Next week… green!

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  1. Sorry I missed seeing you Saturday–I checked my calendar around 7:30 to see what was going on Sunday, and saw that your performance was already halfway over. *facepalm*

    • LOL! The solo was over on Friday! The troupe performance was Saturday. It was a wonderful workshop, but I’m suffering now!

      It happens. Hopefully you had a good weekend…

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