I’m back and Durga Tour!

OK. I give up. I’m back, and no surprise yet. Obviously taking time away from blogging to “Get Stuff Done” isn’t the answer. I missed you. And other things kept getting in the way of getting stuff done in any case. Maybe I’m “stuckified”. I think blogging actually kept me moving forward. I’ll spill the surprise in an upcoming post – probably before it’s finished, and we’ll celebrate it’s completion with a giveaway.

Last night I attended a “Gothic Bellydance” workshop with Tempest. Those of you who know me personally know I claim to be “so Goth I no longer have to wear black! Tempest reminds me of why I still identify with this subculture: all the best parts. Lace. Velvet. Art Nouveau. Art Deco. Research. Artsy-ness. Victoriana. Lovecraft (the author). And I don’t care what you say. Bats ARE cute! (and they eat the mosquitoes around here in NC, so they are a benefit to have around, too!)

Tempest is bright, funny, smiles a lot, and shares everything she knows about the art form she’s teaching with a smile and generousity. Her workshop focussed on bringing the feel of film noir and the 20s and 30s jazz age into dance performances. Inspired by Ruth St.Denis, Theda Bara, and Mata Hari, the combinations she taught us included bellydance variations on the Charleston (one of my favorite dances: I used to do it en pointe in ballet!) and motions based on poses that her famous inspirations have struck in publicity stills.

I had my camera, and completely forgot to take any photos of anybody or anything, but you can find photos at Tempest’s site, Darkly Dramatic And did I mention that she’s an Print artist who graduated from RISD as well?! Yeah, I’m a fan. Maybe this weekend I’ll dress up in the goth makeup and get a photo for you.

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  1. Maybe we can get together Saturday evening or Sunday morning and I’ll take pictures of you in makeup and you can take some of me in uniform?

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