Amazon Affiliation Terminated…

I have to admit I’d been thinking of doing this myself, as I prefer to support smaller independent bookstores.  I had put the links in as a service to people who stop here and for some reason or other trust my advice in books on needlework. But the state of North Carolina and Amazon have made the decision for me.

North Carolina instituted a program this week that makes retailers responsible for sales taxes on any purchases made through a “click through” program such as an affiliate program.  My understanding is that this means that even if someone in Oklahoma buys a book through my Amazon link, Amazon is required to collect sales taxes on it and pay it to North Carolina. Or maybe it means that they have to keep track of clicks coming to them through my site AND from North Carolina and are only responsible for taxes on those… I honestly don’t understand the ramifications of this yet.  It’s something I’m looking into, because it might affect any other small independent business that I choose to support.

Because of this, Amazon has terminated my affiliate status. Just because I happen to live in North Carolina. I feel for the people  in the state who are making their living through affiliate programs. (And there are some.)

What it means right now, though, is that the link to the store of books I recommend is no longer available. And the links to books from my past book reviews will not be available until I figure out what to do. Hopefully I’ll figure something out soon.  Do go read the reviews and buy the books from your local bookstore, though! The books are just that good. 😛

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