My Father the Techie!

I mentioned a few posts ago that if she were still alive, I thought my mother would be out here shimmying along with me, probably leading the dance troupe, actually.

She and my Dad are very much alike in their love of life, if not of dancing (he just doesn’t get it, though he attended every one of my ballet performances for over 20 years just to support me.) I think he appreciates the bellydance more, especially when we throw in the comedy!

However, he is, unlike most 75 year olds (which is his age as of March), extremely technologically savvy. He was a technical writer, writing manuals for heavy equipment for Weyrhauser and then for animatronic machinery for Delta Tau. He understands more electronics than I could ever hope to – and has a general amateur radio license, which he’s had for over 50 years. OK, so he didn’t have the general license until they changed the rules 10 years or so ago. But he’s avid. He introduced me to computers and programming when I was 11, and to what became the internet soon thereafter with Compuserv.

And now he’s discovered the rest of the web. True to form, he’s jumped in with both feet. If you’re at all interested in how one lives well with both diabetes and kidney failure, go read his blog. If I know him, he’ll cover everything – from muzzle loading guns to medical procedures, to metalsmithing. And I know he’s starting a new blog devoted to muzzle loading. Leave him a comment. He may claim to be an introvert, but he gets a kick out of people reading his work. Most true writers do!

Dad’s Blogs…Yup. He’s now got multiples!

Life with Dialysis


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