To build a plus size bedlah part 3

Yup. That little blurry area is all that's done. :(
Yup. That little blurry area is all that's done. 🙁

Stalled. Stuck. Not moving at all.

So I have, theoretically, been building a turquoise bedlah, as several past posts have demonstrated. Right now, however, it’s stalled.

The fabric is over the bra, I’ve got the base shape for the belt found, but not cut out, and I’m supposed to be stitching the sequins onto the bra. But I just haven’t’ been able to bring myself to do it. It’s not like it’s all that difficult, either – or maybe it is. I’m a perfectionist. Spacing of sequins is NOT a perfect science. Nor is it supposed to be. They are, in this pattern, just supposed to cover the silly thing and sparkle.  But I keep expecting more – mostly, I think, because I’ve been doing appliques so much. And it’s driving me batty.

That is all. Hopefully more to report soon.

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  1. Hi there – my best sequin advice. When covering a large area, don’t try to complete each inch completely. throw a few sequins (beads, whatever) on in a fairly sparse swath. Then come back and lay in another layer, then again and again until you have enrichened the area to your satisfaction. You get more sparkle that way as well because everything is random and something will catch the light at every turn or twist of the ground fabric.

    PS: that color is really YOU, you gorgeous thing.

    • Linn!!
      So nice to hear from you.
      And thank you for the advice… I think I’ll take it – especially on this one, where there is no pattern to speak of. I’ve been following the standard pattern of sequinning from my Turkish bedlah, but I think this is a better approach. Thank you!

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