Beach Blanket Beledi

I just want it on the record that I hate ear infections. If I’d ever had one before, I didn’t remember it. And I think I’d remember the kind of discomfort I’ve had for the past week and a half with an ear infection and bronchitis at the same time! Yuck.

Our troupe is putting the finishing touches on a routine for Beach Blanket Beledi in early October.  Hee hee. I’ll provide more information after we’ve unveiled it.

What it DOES bring to mind for me though is that I discovered I need to take in my gold bedlah. Last time I tried it on, I couldn’t get it closed, I had puffed up so much. But after discovering my thyroid issues, cutting way back on my carb intake, over the past two years I have lost not only the 2 inches that wouldn’t let it close, but another 2 in addition! I am a VERY happy dancer. I am hoping that this means that soon I’ll be able to remove the kludge that is the extension at the sides altogether. And maybe use the gauntlets for something else… I don’ t know… like maybe SLEEVES?!

But very happy. I promise photos of some sort in October. Maybe. <grin>

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    • Thank you. It’s doing much better now – I could actually hear the music at rehearsal yesterday!
      I just need to take the belt in and paint my shoes for the show now and I’ll be all set!

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