So many Kinds of Needlework…

And so little time to play with them!

Just offhand, I can think of bargello, berlin, broderie anglaise, hardanger, mountmellick, stumpwork, cutwork, punto in aria, zardozi, bunka, japanese embroidery, wessex embroidery, counted cross stitch, band samplers of every ilk, canvaswork, goldwork, shisha, macramé, blackwork, or nué, crewelwork, schwalmwork, Dresdenwork, Assissiwork, and so on…

My problem, of course, is that when it comes to thread I am a glutton. I want to learn everything and try every technique, no matter how complex. Of course, this isn’t feasible, especially when you realize that I include all thread work in that desire – including knitting, crochet, bobbin lace, needlelace, sprang and any number of other techniques that escape me at the moment, including plain sewing. (I have made a conscious decision NOT to try naålbinding — knitting on TWO needles was confusing enough for me. I don’t really want to try knitting with only one, however historical it is. 🙂

There isn’t, of course, enough time in the day to explore everything I want tot do. I try not to let that stall me, and just keep going. I do find myself back at three in particular that I love: cross stitch, silk shading, and crewelwork. I’m sentimental, and these are the three that my mother and grandmother taught me. Somewhere I still have my first cross stitch sampler — the one that took me four years to finish because I kept getting bored. When I find it I’ll post it. I have some sort of idea of charting it (it was stamped on cheap muslin) and doing it again in my current ability level and then framing them side by side. I think it would be cool. Will I make the time? Who knows.

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2 Responses to So many Kinds of Needlework…

  1. Naalbinding isn’t knitting with one pointy stick, it’s a different beast entirely. 🙂 But more on that later.

    Hee hee…. Sprang, eh? *jots idea down on the prezzie list*

    • It may be a different beastie, but from the instructions I’ve looked at, it’s awfully similar to knitting with one needle… (heh OK, I DID contemplate trying it…)

      I tried sprang once. I failed miserably. Don’t know that I really WANT to try it again… although it’s less on the ick list than naålbinding! Most of the Fail was probably due to trying to make it on a bent coathanger rather than a real frame, though, now that I think about it. Ah the joys of taking cheap classes! Love the look of the finished pieces that some of my classmates did, so I’d love to have items MADE of sprang!

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