Free Newsletter… with patterns…

Don’t worry. The blog isn’t going away, but I’m starting a newsletter in addition. I’ve been knocking my head around this for a while now, and have decided that I do want to do this thing.

And to celebrate, I’m including a free 5-installment course on getting creative with cross stitch. So many of us think of our cross stitch patterns as sacrosanct. I’m just as guilty. “The designer put these stitches here for a reason, and I like the design, so I’m not going to play with it. This five-part class, including a free design to practice tweaking, will give you 10 easy ways to get a little more creative when you’re stitching.

The first installment of the course will arrive the day after you confirm your sign-up to the newsletter. One more installment every week for five weeks after that. Then I’ll send you sporadic newsletters, including tips and tricks you won’t find here, some you will find here, and a free pattern here and there. Enjoy!

You can sign up here, or from the small signup form in the sidebar!

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