I’m baaaack!

And raring to go.  The workshop was a glorious success. I learned a lot about sacred dance traditions from Artemis Mourat. Want MOOORE!!! And Donna Mejia is a wonderful teacher that had me feeling like I was back in my old college professional dance classes. Yeouch. Talk about sore!  I set off my clicking hip for the rest of the vacation, which wasn’t very fun, though. Chelydra‘s Mood Swings class took one simple combination and demonstrated how to tweak it to perform in different moods – subtly smoldering, smoldering, “perky”, and er… “cute.”

The show was a hit. Beach Blanket Beledi is never an “ordinary” bellydance/raks sharki, orientale dance show. The only rule of the workshop/show is “have fun” and I can verify that everyone I met there was following that rule to the letter.  I can’t reveal details yet, as we’re doing the routine again at Blue Moon‘s Haflaween in two weeks. Then I’ll make sure to get pictures and share. 😛  At breakfast on Sunday the rest of the troupe apparently were told multiple times that if we put out a dvd they’d buy it. 🙂 I was VERY glad that I had ordered the dvd of the class and show. Looking forward to getting it now.

Everyone’s performances were beautiful. And so much fun.

And I’m almost done with the model for a new square geometric pillow design for Golden Circle Designs… So look for that being available in the next month or so. I’m trying to remind myself that model stitching counts as work, so even though I didn’t open the computer all weekend, I still accomplished stuff. Much stuff, actually. And I got home to find the fabric for a Winter mat model waiting for me, so I’d better get stitching on that, too!

I promise to sit down and pull together actual stitching or dancing posts tonight or tomorrow. I’ll be back on a regular posting schedule soon!

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