Around the Interwebz-7 links I liked this Weekend

Every so often I still get a chance to wander around the net and read. (Read: I had a long weekend because of Thanksgiving!) My favorite finds:

  • Mary Corbet at has been doing a series on stitching letters (this link is to #9, and she’s doing other things between, so be warned, you may get sidetracked). Very nice series of tutorials – especially if you ever want to stitch a poem or such. She’s also got a new “fan flowers” alphabet for monograms (this is to the index of all of them) going. Very nice.
  • QUITE a while back, Sharon Boggon posted a wonderful video of her daughter Eve, performing stilt and trapeze. I loved the lyrical quality of the movements – and all done on stilts. Sharon, you have a wonderfully talented daughter. But then again, I suspect you KNOW that! (It’s worth watching again if you haven’t seen them yet.)
  • Lakshmi has recently (within the last month or two – it’s been a while!) completed the embroidery on a very pretty Indian garment. I love how the silk shines! And the stitches look perfect. Fly and lazy daisy (detatched chain).  In a more recent post, she created a dress for her daughter in less than 15 days. I am amazed by this woman!
  • Plays with needles, whom a commenter referred me to in my post about favorite blogs, is on vacation until Monday. But her last post before getting on her cruise ship was on her needle’s garden. More amazing eye candy!
  • I recently found the Hand Embroidery Network online. Interviews and eye candy from many embroiderers. I think this one’s going to take more than one cup of tea for me to explore in detail. Also tips, tricks, how tos, and classes!
  • LMDesigns has been embroidering a desk clock. Very pretty. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!
  • Back in October, MeggieCat posted a link to paper lantern instructions from an old School Arts Magazine found on Google books. Cool project idea!

And now, I’m out of time. Much fun surfing the web and sharing some of my finds with you. But now, off to bed, because I have to go back to the day job tomorrow, much as I’d like to spend even more time stitching, surfing, and sharing!

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