My not-quite-a-UFO pile – Crewel Pieces

I think these are my own designs! But you know, it’s been so long since I stitched them I can’t promise or prove it, and the original pattern is long gone. So you won’t ever find them offered for sale or for free from me. If they are mine and you want copies, I apologize. One of the reasons I’m pretty sure they are mine is that I vaguely remember specifically designing them to face in opposite directions.

I do remember that the thread I used was the Sheep’s Silk (Or was it Silk ‘n Ivory? I did say it was a long time ago…)  in colors I fell in love with at the local needlework store.

As usual, click for full photo and details. These are larger than usual so you can more clearly see them.

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    • Thank you so much Megan. I remember enjoying stitching them immensely – the silk and wool blend thread flows so well! These two need to be framed and hung in the studio.

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