Jacobean Design in Stumpwork – Step 3

The flower as it stands now
The flower as it stands now

This was a difficult step for me. And it shouldn’t have been. The original plan was to stitch the petals in long and short stitch, but for some reason, whether it was an arthritic flareup, or the weather, or the particular embroidery floss I used, it didn’t stitch smoothly. I ripped it out three times before changing stitches and getting to this point!

Step 3

Fill in the larger petals.

  1. Begin by extending the petal lines down to the flower center. You can draw these in, or just extend them when you outline them.
  2. Using 2 strands of floss, outline the petals in either split stitch or backstitch. I used split stitch.
  3. Detail of the stitches click for closeup
    Detail of the stitches - click for closeup

    Fill the petals in with one of the following options:

    • Using 1 or 2 strands of floss, use long and short stitch from the center of the flower out to the edges of the petals.
    • Using 3 strands of floss, fill the petals using Roumanian couching. This is what I did in the end. I came up at the center of the flower, brought the thread down over the split stitch border, and then couched it through the middle with one stitch. Mary Corbet of NeedleNThread.com has a very good video tutorial for Roumanian Couching stitch.  Fill in all the petals. I still need to finish the lower two, and then it’s on to the wired stumpwork!
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    • It really does, Rachel! Step by step. A friend has said she is making a point of stitching just ONE length of thread every evening before bed to relax. And it’s amazing what she’s accomplishing!

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