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18th Century pocket
18th Century pocket

Years ago, one of the magazines I subscribed to, I think it MIGHT have been Samplers and Antique Needlework, but don’t quote me, it might just as well have been Piecework – published a pattern for an indigo blue crewelwork pocket. It was very 18th century American, and very pretty. Me, being me, decided that I didn’t want to be working everything I did in blue after all, and jumped sideways to pink. I’m still very proud of this set of pockets – at least the embroidery! I suppose I ought to actually stitch them together so that they can be worn with an 18th century gown if I ever get one made! 🙂 Click the photo for details.

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  1. So lovely and a very quillable design! I saw your kind comment on Mary’s blog and had to come pay you a visit. Wow, so much inspiration here… gotta love the way the internet is like a rabbit trail that takes us all around and we marvel at things along the way. Keep up the beautiful work!

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