Easy, apparently counted work…

I was reminded yesterday by a friend of  a technique I had taught her several years ago. She was intimidated by all the counting in counted cross stitch, and couldn’t find a pattern she liked to learn on in any case.  The easy solution? Make her own, without counting. If I can talk her into letting me take a photo of her finished project I’ll try to post it here. 🙂

What we did was the following:

  1. Find an iron on transfer or a line art/coloring design she liked from a clip art book.
  2. Transfer it onto a piece of counted fabric. In this case, aida.
  3. Now fill in the various areas with the stitch of your choice. In my friend’s case, I taught her long-armed cross stitch. You can also use tent stitch, cross stitch, satin stitch, or any other filling stitch, lacy or solid that you like. Or a variety of stitches.
  4. Stitch over the outlines with stem or back stitch.
  5. Voila! apparently counted work that wasn’t counted.

Note: I’m not sure how regularly I’ll be posting for the next few weeks. Our old lady cat is in home hospice care, in the last stages of thyroid disease AND renal failure, so I find myself watching her and worrying more than I ought to, perhaps.

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