Learning Embroidery?

So you want to learn embroidery, but are overwhelmed by all the information out there.  I took some of the questions I ask my students when they are deciding what to learn first and put them into a quiz to rank four of the basic embroidery styles and suggest which one you should start with. Unfortunately I can’t plug the quiz in here, but you can find it here:

What Embroidery Style Should I Learn?

I don’t get any results back from this, but I’d love to know what your results are! Feel free to post in the comments. I got “freestyle” which is funny, since I started with and design cross stitch and crewel designs before I expanded out. But I guess we all change over time!

If you know how to create a quiz I can post IN my blog – please give me a heads up. My google-fu is failing mightily on this subject! And I’d rather not make you all click more than necessary!

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  1. I got Needlepoint–I was die-hard cross-stitcher for the longest time and absolutely refuse to get rid of my pattern books and magazines (despite not having touched them for years.

    • Hi Scraps!
      I’m laughing out loud at this one! I don’t have time to stitch much of anything I don’t design myself these days… but I’ve got a wall of magazines and several binders of chartpacks… all of patterns I still “want to do” one day. Stash Accrual Beyond Life Expectancy (SABLE) indeed!

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