Sock Yarn for embroidery!

My yarn for the test stitching for the shower curtain came on Saturday (ordered it from Knitpicks, and it always arrives so fast)! I am a very happy camper. I only messed up color wise on about three skeins, so I can work on looking that up. I decided to work up a cafe curtain inĀ  a similar design to use on the window, and to test out the stitching – it will give me the opportunity to test stitches, and see how much thread I’m really going to need without guessing. One of the catches to using sock yarn is that because it isn’t designed for embroidery, colors change seasonally. Sometimes drastically!

The colors that don’t work in this pile are pretty obvious, the bright yellow on the right, and the very light blue at the bottom. There are two other blues that are too close together in shade… if I can find one in between, the light blue might work after all…

So now I’m off to transfer the smaller cafe curtain design to the fabric and start playing! Yay!!! (oh, wait. There’s other work that needs to be done first. Darn real life!)

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