5 Reasons Embroidery Trumps Knitting

5. I can do it on anything. Shirts, loose fabric, paper, yes, even on my knitting!

4. Using multiple colors doesn’t make it smaller.

3. Beads don’ t have to have big holes to use them.

2. In general, my thread stash takes up less space than the yarn stash.

1…. No gauge issues. If something is 14 stitch to the inch, 140 stitches WILL be 10 inches, give or take a millimeter for thread thickness. An 8 X 8 inch design drawn on my fabric will stay 8 X 8 inches, no matter how I stitch it. If I use a thick cord around the outside, it MIGHT add a millimeter or two. Maybe.  I drew my curtain to fit my window.  The embroidery will fit my window. (The curtain now… that’s sewing. That’s another story… seams can migrate like gauge, if you’re me.)


Why have I spent the last week with knitting needles in my hands instead of an embroidery needle? Especially since today I literally threw out the project and gave up after three tries when the multi-colored sock STILL doesn’t fit over my heel to get it to the ankle… despite making gauge. Despite everything. Yeah.  I think I’ll stick with socks made out of one thread and no fair isle. Multi-colored knitting… Well, I’m considering buying this sweater pattern and knitting it. If I do, I’ll make a ruling on more than one color in my knitting after I’m done…  and, if it doesn’t work, the designer has a cross stitch pattern to match it!

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5 Responses to 5 Reasons Embroidery Trumps Knitting

    • LOL! Well, yes, but since I rarely embroider dress shirts… (it’s mostly shiny bellydance bedlah, and I do love me some beads and sequins!) I suspect that it’s more likely “I was looking for something in the Weldon’s facsimile and fell in love with a petticoat pattern, and thought, ‘that would make a great straight skirt’ and just HAD to swatch it”… that and I’m on a sock kick again. In my defense, however, the socks I WAS knitting (the ones that were thrown across the room and then into the trash can) were supposed to have embroidery on them AFTER all the colorwork knitting! Geep. OK, that doesn’t sound like too much of a defense, does it?

  1. I found your blog interesting. More so I think you are a lovely human being. I am from India and a crafts person too and would love to connect to you. hugs.

    • Hee. It can, but on the other hand, when I was doing lots of cross stitch, the designs with big areas of one color can be almost as mindless as knitting garter stitch or stockinette, round and round and round on my skirt… (and there’s a LOT of round and round… I do not have a small circumference, and I’m 5’8!)

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