Jacobean Goldwork Flower – Step 2-NOT!

Too-thin gold thread!
This was not quite as intended...

OK. I was going to post the wonderful work I’d done on the goldwork flower this week. Unfortunately, I was stymied. I put Japan Gold #5 in the supply list, because I knew I had it, and I thought it would work.

It doesn’t. I have it on hand because I was working on a cuff in Imperial Chinese embroidery long ago, and I forgot just how tiny it is. It’s not a passing thread, by any means, but it’s definitely thinner than I really want for this piece. Click on the photo to see just how small. That’s one strand of Zwicky silk floss holding it down – and a size 8 needle! And I don’ t have any #7 gold. Yet.  So. Step 2 for me is to log on to Hedgehog Handworks (I love Joady and company-not affiliated!) or Threadneedle Street (my old LNS) and order more thread (In this case, I’ll probably call Threadneedle street, because I also need some threads that Hedgehog doesn’t carry.  This project is now on hold for a little while. Sorry about the bad supply list, and sorry about the postponement! I feel like I’ve led y’all down a primrose path, and a bit guilty!Back to knitting while I wait for it to come in, I guess. (I’ve also got about an hour’s work left on the cafe curtain, then it needs to be sewn together… so I guess there’s enough for me to keep busy with!)

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