OK… Pseudo Ivory for Winter

Beginning of embroidered flower
Ivory embroidery in rose?

I still wanted to be stitching, even though I don’ thave the gold yet, and really can’t afford to order it until after the first of the year.  Ah, budgets. 🙁

But then I thought. You know, I’ve got this stash. And there’s this thing called “Ivory Embroidery” that I’ve talked about before in my Weldon’s.  Since I still haven’t’ been able to find an extant piece to look at, I figured I’d just try following some of the instructions and see what happened.

Still using the Jacobean Flower pattern. I’m stitching it on a pale rose 32 count linen, using DMC  #12 perle cotton in #233 (a bit darker rose). I’m thinking I should probably have used embroidery floss in the same color, as it’s coming out a bit heavy on the embroidery, but it’s still pretty.



Linen or Evenweave (I’m using 32 count. You could use 28 count, enlarge the pattern slightly)

#12 perle cotton in the same color or close to it as your linen (If you’re using 32 count linen, you might want to use embroidery floss or floche instead. )

6″ embroidery hoop

Step One

Transfer your design to your linen.

I will start diagramming stitches for you next week.

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