No stitching makes Romilly a sad girl…

Cats by Kelly (purrina) cross stitch
"Poookah!" - Cats by Kelly (In Stitches)

As I said, the past year was hard. But this year has started much better. I have a plan. And I’m well on the way to following that plan. This is a good thing.

Over the past two weeks, however, the *little* things on that plan (like stitching) have been squished by the big things.  Big things being things like the household getting a second car (which took chauffeuring of the EO to and from…) and the father-unit needing to run to the doctor for maintenance type stuff, but stuff that they had to make him loopy to perform! And, the big thing, the overhaul of the studio revving up so that I can easily find my supplies.

It’s the last that really has me stymied. You see, all of my stitching supplies are up there. And the pseudo-ivory embroidery piece that I’ve been working on is up there… I went to take it with me to the last doctor’s appointment and couldn’t’ find any scissors. Now this is unusual, since I have about 30 pair of embroidery scissors. Today I found my scissors, had about an hour to work on the next couple of petals, photograph it and post it here, and lo and behold but the THREAD is gone.  As usual, I suspect a cat. One of ours has taken to stealing threads from my stitching stands… and the arm of the couch, and anywhere else she finds it…

So I’ve been knitting socks in the evening. Finally the EO has a pair of hand knit socks that fit him. And I’ve got an idea of how to shape them to fit his weird foot and leg.  This is the third (fourth?) try. And it finally worked. MY socks, I’ve ripped out three times now and am about to cast on yet again.

But the stitching? It’s been non-existent. And I’m annoyed, and impatient, because I have PLANS!  And I really really want to share my discoveries about Ivory embroidery with you!  So. Soon. I’ll keep plugging away, but posts may be a bit sporadic for the next little while while I dig out my studio – it’s almost there, but the EO needs to do electrical work before I can put up the new drafting table, so probably at LEAST another week, durn it…; configure and learn to use my nifty new computer (I’m living on the laptop and pining for my big monitor right now!).

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