It’s my birthday and I’ll stitch if I want to…

Spring Violets
Spring Violets for my birthday!

Unfortunately I spent yesterday with the EO at a doctor’s appointment and didn’t get the work done that I needed to have done yesterday. So I spent this morning getting my page for the Online Needlework Show up and ready for the show next week. It opens on April 14. (Go see it. Then call your local needlework shop and make sure that they have signed up and are prepped to order for you!)

And then I spent the afternoon at the DMV getting my driver license renewed, because I’d put it off until the last minute. I neglected to realize that the kids had early release today, so going after noon was a bad idea — every teenager in the town was there trying to get a learner’s permit or first license. It’s a small office. But really, I was in and out in about a half hour, which isn’t bad for the number of kids, (with their parents panicking).

And now it’s five pm.  I decided I wanted steak and baked potato for dinner, so I bought it. I’ll cook it, too. I have a very specific idea of HOW I want my moo-cow tonight, so the husband’s still off the hook for cooking.

It is also Mary Corbet’s Birthday. Over at Needle -n-Thread, she’s giving away a lovely package of a needlework kit and supplies. This is actually a giveaway I signed up for… see how much I love you all? I’m lowering my chances by telling you about it. Go sign up while you can. 🙂 If you’ve never been there, take the time to explore… she’s a fantastic teacher, and her freebies are to die for, not to mention the giveaways.  Heck, if you HAVE been there before go explore!

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